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Completing your Australian psychology registration has never been simpler … listen to what some of our current and past interns have to say about their time spent at the College of Professional Psychology.

I approached the College of Professional Psychology because I was looking for a pathway towards registration as a Psychologist.
The College helped me by offering continuous support, training and advice. In particular, by assisting those who had to transition from the old guidelines to the new guidelines mid internship.
The result was I achieved registration as a Psychologist.
One thing (the most unique thing) I liked was their dedication to supporting individual students on their journey as a professional.
I found the experience was very challenging and rewarding.
I would recommend the College to people who are looking to achieve registration in a reasonable time frame after graduation.
Rachele Davis, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
I completed my internship (4+2) in 25 months and there was absolutely no way I would have successfully completed this without COPP. The level of support was amazing and I learnt so much through their well facilitated workshops. I can’t recommend the College enough!
Michelle Hawtin, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
I couldn’t have done it without all of the support and assistance I got from COPP, I’m sure I wouldn’t have finished the program in less than two years without you all.
Thank you for everything!
Shweta, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist

I wouldn’t be a registered psychologist, had it not been for the guidance, support, and encouragement of the team at the College of Professional Psychology (COPP). Although the 4 + 2 registration process was challenging, I am satisfied that the invaluable skills, advice and experience gained, combined with access to industry experts during my internship with the College, provided me with confidence and a strong foundation to become a fully registered psychologist. Rather than competition, the college fosters an environment and attitude of support and collaboration amongst interns, alumni, and industry, which is testament to their high reputation and long-standing success. I really look forward to having a continued association with the College into the future, and I recommend them to anyone considering the 4+2 pathway to registration as a psychologist.

Ayman Kassir , College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist

I approached the College of Professional Psychology because of their reputation of developing highly skilled registered psychologists. Based on this reputation alone, I was confident that I would overcome all challenges placed before me throughout my registration journey. The College assisted me in developing a structured plan to complete the tasks required while also minimising the anxiety associated completing the 4+2 program. The result was that I was able to achieve full general registration while also gaining a wide variety of experience across different industries. While the tasks are numerous and the requirements demanding, I liked the flexibility that was provided for me to meet with my highly experienced supervisors on a regular basis. I found the experience to be enriching and valuable in my initial stages of being a registered psychologist. I would recommend the College to anyone who feels daunted by the prospects of what the 4+2 program requires.

Alex Quan, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist

Embarking on the 4 + 2 pathway is quite a daunting journey in the beginning, and The College made this bumpy pathway much smoother. I loved the structured set-up, the clear expectations in terms of professional development, the personal support I received and connecting with other provisional psychologists and sharing of experiences. The staff and administration support were amazing. I feel that I have graduated with well-rounded knowledge of the discipline.

Sue Nash, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
The Psychology Board of Australia requirements are designed to ensure that when you go out to practice as a fully registered psychologist, you are equipped to deal with the ethical, professional, legal and practical challenges that crop up in daily practice.

The College of Professional Psychology enables you to achieve these requirements with an up-to-date workshop program that covers the curriculum, individual and group supervision. COPP also prepares you for the National Psychology exam and case studies required by the Board.

I was impressed by the high standards, professionalism, excellence in teaching, support and guidance by the COPP team. I often thought of those interns trying to ‘go it alone’ whilst working full time and the daunting task they were facing. I could not imagine myself trying to navigate the maze of requirements unassisted.

Given the amount and level of supervision required to achieve full registration, including tailored workshops, the COPP course is great value and extremely time efficient. I highly recommend it.

Pamela Verrender, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
The College of Professional Psychology made a complicated process seem achievable. They are an endless knowledge base for all questions regarding the 4+2 pathway. I was always confident that any concerns I had would be able to be answered by any of the qualified staff. The college provides all the resources you could possibly need to complete all tasks. I would highly recommend any future aspiring psychologist to think about enrolling in the college. I cannot thank them enough for their support and guidance.
Adelina Privitera, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
The College for me was both challenging and rewarding as they have smoothly assisted me in obtaining my registration. I have learnt various skills provided by COPP and would definitely utilize their guidance for anyone who plans to obtain their registration.
Hasan Cinar, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
When I chose to complete my registration through the College of Professional Psychology, I felt that a mutual commitment was made. My efforts at completing tasks, professional development, and supervision, would be met by their best efforts to shepherd me through what could be a trying process. I found their expertise and knowledge of the registration process invaluable. The support of COPP staff and my supervisors helped me in keeping my sights focused on becoming registered.
Kim Shortridge, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
I started freaking out once I began to learn about AHPRA’s requirements for the four-plus-two pathway. It’s not an easy path, but as others have testified here COPP makes the journey manageable. I’m not sure how I would have fared without COPP’s help. I reckon I might still be lost in the wilderness, but as it happens I’ve just reached the registration finish line. In response to my constructive criticism the college has even acquired some comfortable new chairs. Shame I didn’t get to spend any time sitting on them. But you can.
Jim, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
I approached the College of Professional Psychology because after completing my Bachelor in Psychology. I had doubts and little confidence about pursing psychology as a career. The college helped me by informing me of the different pathways available in becoming a psychologist. The idea of learning further knowledge and having practical experience at the same time really appealed to me. One thing I liked was their ability to provide support where I could grow as a provisional psychologist. I found the mentors working in the field, the workshops and group supervisions highly relevant and helpful. I found my experience with the College rewarding as their program ensures you meet the required competencies from the board and most importantly, you are part of a community. I would recommend the College to people who would love to pursue psychology as a career, however doubt their ability for whatever reason, whether that is because of university or peers. Becoming a registered psychologist can be a complicated pathway, although in my opinion not only does the college make the pathway less complicated, the college is designed for you to learn and grow, thus becoming a competent psychologist.
Ozge Rose Bayraktar, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
The 4+2 pathway to registration is no walk in the park. After completing my fourth year of study I was unsure as to what pathway I was going to take to registration. The 4+2 pathway appealed to me as I felt it provided more real experience with clients and the ability to start developing as a professional in the sector. I approached the College of Professional Psychology because, at the time I started, they were the only organisation offering a structured pathway to registration AND had an interstate program. I started my journey with the College in Perth and then moved to Sydney and finished here.
The College helped me navigate the often complex and confusing registration requirements, taking away the administration side of things (you don’t have to worry about finding a supervisor, paying the supervisor, looking for PDs, organising group supervision as it is all done for you) and providing that extra support you may not get if completing the internship by yourself, such as reviewing the SPPR before it is sent and reviewing the case reports on top of your Supervisor reviewing them.
I found that doing my internship with the College took a lot of the stress out of the process and gave me a clear direction. You also have the extra reassurance of them being a trusted and established College and can provide you with all the resources you need to complete the journey. They also have a really good test library that you can access as an intern and that alone is a huge help.
I would recommend The College of Professional Psychology to anyone who would like to gain real world experience in the profession, as they go through their journey.
Federica Zamboni, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, Registered Psychologist

When you finish your psychology degree, many people are scrambling to identify what they would like to do next, what pathway to take and worry about the efficiency and effectiveness of that particular chosen pathway. The College of Professional Psychology made that decision very simple for me. They helped me by providing a whole realm of networks including other interns, different supervisors working in different areas of the discipline, as well as outstanding professional development and guidance. The result was that I accumulated a wealth of knowledge and gained experience across various areas of practice. I found the experience valuable as I was well supported by my supervisors and peers. I would recommend the College to people who would like to undertake the 4+2 pathway and be guided and supported through a highly demanding journey.

Yalda Sarwary, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, Registered Psychologist

After leaving university I was eager to become a registered psychologist but I had no idea where to start or what the journey would be like. The College of Professional Psychology supported me through some of the most stressful years of my life! They provide all the PD’s, supervision and general guidance required to be successful in obtaining registration. The staff were always keen to help, and I knew that I was in safe hands. This internship is a test of character and challenging at times, and having a good support network with the College got me through. Thank you!

Leith Potter, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, Registered Psychologist

When starting my journey as a 4+2 intern I found the College. As a pioneer of the interstate program, the College asked that I believe in them and that they would believe in me. The 4+2 program brought with it many challenges that seemed sometimes too difficult to overcome yet I was always assured by the support I received from the team and peers. The professional development blocks in Sydney were something that I looked forward to and the persistence of the College to ensure every students success is truly inspiring. Thank you to you all for believing in me, motivating me and allowing me to experience a truly unique journey as one of the first interstate students. That was something I did not expect to receive from the College when I started, and yet it is the most important thing I walked away with…and that is lifelong colleagues and friends who truly want to see each other succeed. That is invaluable!

Maddison Allen, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, Registered Psychologist

I found the staff and team working behind the scenes at the College to be amazing. They made it feel like home for two years and went over and beyond to assist with any questions or problems I was facing along the way. I couldn’t reccomend this program enough!

Amanda Moses, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, Registered Psychologist
I ran into a friend from my 4th year class one day at the shops. She had chosen to do the clinical masters program – we had been on similar paths at uni and had achieved similar grades. She was dressed in student clothes, carrying text books, papers. I was in a work suit, and had been working for maybe a year (seeing clients, getting paid!). She felt like a student still. I realised I had transitioned to feeling like a professional, which was something that was important to me. I think that the 4+2 pathway, and the College of Professional Psychology, had provided a way to build confidence in my skills, not just through learning them, but also by applying them in the real world. I also realised that, at the end of those two years, I felt more employable than my friend – I had two years experience in the workforce, which in my opinion at least, counts for more than students are made to believe qualifications do. I also really valued the network that I became part of through the College.
Emily Constantine, Registered Psychologist, 
Intern Support Coordinator for College of Professional Psychology
I cannot speak highly enough of all the staff at the College. I felt that I had an entire team on my side throughout the whole registration process and they helped me every step of the way.

What would have been a very challenging ordeal if I had been on my own, ended up being surprisingly straightforward.

The College program was outstanding value for money. I would recommend the College to anyone seeking psychology registration.

Anthony Berrick, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
The path linking a 4 year degree in psychology and becoming a registered psychologist is far from clear. Being part of The College of Professional Psychology clarified this and provided up to date information on what was required to become a practising psychologist. This guidance and support was there since starting on day one. Not only are the staff and supervisors experienced and knowledgeable, they are also friendly and flexible and make an effort to get to know you on a personal level. The College provides a place where you can learn and grow as a professional along with other provisional psychologists, who all bring different experiences and backgrounds. I learnt so much in a short space of time with the College and made friends along the way that I will stay in contact with for life.
Liam Nicholls, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
Deciding to do my registration through the College was one of the best decisions I ever made. The College made the registration process easy to understand and manageable to achieve while working full time. The administration support is excellent. The supervisors are skilled and supportive, and the practicum leaders are knowledgeable and up to date with current practice.

Another wonderful bonus of training at The College of Professional Psychology is the networking and support you receive from your fellow interns. It is great to find out about other opportunities as a psychologist that your peers are pursuing, as well as discussing common practice issues.

I feel the training and support I received over the two years has greatly contributed to achieving my professional goals and will continue to do so through networking and affiliation with the College.

Jacqueline Marquis-Conder, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
The College has provide me with strong practical and theoretical learning across a wide range of domains. It has been invaluable working closely with other interns and psychologists form a wide range of experiences, interests and backgrounds. The applied focus of the College’s learning experience should not be understated. In numerous counselling sessions, working with role plays and group discussions, interns are given the opportunity to practice a variety of therapeutic approaches and techniques, in a safe environment. This was important to determine what ‘works for you’, what may be blind spots, or what may be particular strengths and interests.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the College and found it invaluable in facilitating my personal and professional growth as an individual and a psychologist. I also now have a wealth of resources, insights, and contacts that I will continue to reference throughout my career as a psychologist.

Brian Langsworth, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
I first heard about the College of Professional Psychology from a colleague who had recently graduated through COPP. The College made it so much easier to navigate through the complex requirements of the 4+2. I liked the fact that everything was taken care of, from supervision to the professional development. I loved the ongoing staff assistance on issues and questions, big and small.
COPP was pivotal in my development as a psychologist and I would recommend the College as a fantastic way to gain registration. Thank you to all the team at COPP.
Ari Paparestis, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, Registered Psychologist

I approached the College of Professional Psychology because university left me at, in my opinion, a confused and foggy end. I didn’t know how or what to do. All I knew is I wanted to be a psychologist, and I would do what I needed to do to get there. I came across the College after one of my thesis group members began speaking about a college that could take you through to registration as a general psychologist. So I got in contact with them and the rest is history!
The College helped me by assisting me from post uni, all the way through to registration. They took all the work out of it, and left me to my studies, and allowed me to dedicate all my time to becoming the best psychologist I could be.
The result was 24 months later I am a fully registered psychologist working in an organisation as the lead in all forensic matters.
One thing I liked was their ability to take control of the administrative side, and be very clear with their roles, even in uncertain times of change throughout the Board’s rollout of new guidelines.
I found the experience, and I use this word lightly, ‘easy’. By this I mean the process was easy because The College of Professional Psychology took control of it all and left me with all the time to focus on my studies and managing full time work.
I would recommend the College to people who want to excel in their duties as a psychologist. I believe my ability to be the best psychologist I can be stems from COPP. There is no better feeling than being confident in a job that you love doing. It’s like never working a day in your life. And that comes from being well prepared, well educated, and having the formal support networks available to you, all provided by COPP. It’s there for the taking for aspiring psychologists ready to own their future.
Sasha Peckan, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, Registered Psychologist

I don’t think I could have gotten through this daunting 4+2 registration process without The College of Professional Psychology. When I first decided to embark on the 4+2 journey, I considered doing it by myself. I downloaded the AHPRA forms and attempted to make sense of them and the requirements I needed to meet. To say I felt overwhelmed would be an understatement. I was fortunate to find out about an information session held by the College, which after attending, made me feel like I might actually be able to complete this process and become a psychologist who is competent and successful.

I found the structured layout of requirements, the varied nature of the PD workshops, the opportunity to practise my skills and sit a practise exam, and the supervision to be invaluable. I could ask the staff any question about this process and felt confident that I would receive a knowledgeable answer.  Knowing that I had a whole team of people behind me whilst I wrote my case studies making sure they were of quality standard was so reassuring during a stressful process. Registration is a grey area for a lot of people but I always felt safe that the College would be able to point me in the right direction and get me across the finish line. Thank you for everything!

Katie Kokolas, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, Registered Psychologist

I approached the College of Professional Psychology because I was struggling to gain entry into an internship by myself. Before joining the College, my first internship attempt was withdrawn after waiting 7 months for it to be processed by the board.
 The College helped me by providing supervision, professional guidance, and navigating the minefield associated with meeting the boards requirements for registration.
 The result was, I achieved my full registration in 2 and half years.
 What I liked most was the commitment of my supervisor to my registration goal, their personal development courses and the peace of mind that all of the registration requirements were attended to. I also value the networking with likeminded peers from all over the country.
 I found the internship experience extremely stressful, but it was significantly lessened in the comfort that the college was behind me at every step.
 I would recommend the College to people who are struggling to navigate the internship path, or struggling to find passionate supervisors. 
Ian Clayton-Smith, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, Registered Psychologist

The staff at the College were wonderful.  They helped me navigate the regulatory process and the workshops and supervision were amazing. They covered all the content required to meet registration requirements and provided me with the skills I need for my clients presenting with complex drug and alcohol and mental health problems.
Jane, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, Registered Psychologist

The College of Professional Psychology program provides structure and support to the registration process, relieving a great deal of stress through meeting all supervision and professional development requirements. The professional development workshops are closely matched to the Psychology Board of Australia’s competencies and are a great opportunity for professional networking. Having the opportunity to learn from a large number of experienced supervisors and expert practitioners has been a real bonus.
Martin Daly, Provisionally Registered Psychologist
, College of Professional Psychology Intern
In my 4 years of tertiary training, I felt that my personal values and beliefs were ignored if not totally stamped out.

The College of Professional Psychology is different. The College encouraged me to think – how can my personal values and beliefs develop me as a psychologist with competence and integrity?

Jason Tan, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
The College provided excellence in teaching and learning through principal supervision, small group supervision, workshops and organisational visits. The course assignments were interesting, helpful and stimulating helping me meet the requirements for full registration as a psychologist in NSW. Most importantly, practicum leaders at The College of Professional Psychology were knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic making the course enjoyable.
Emma Howard, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
I would like to warmly thank the College for helping me out through all the process of getting registered. When I first came from Brazil, a year and a half ago, I thought that becoming a fully registered psychologist in Australia would be an impossible dream to achieve but thanks to the College, it has come true! I cannot thank you enough for all your support and kindness.
Ana Kasper, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
When I was at the College, I can think of two main benefits. The first was the support provided with understanding of AHPRA’s guidelines, there was shared knowledge from all the College students & supervisors which provided a lot of helpful ideas for completing all the paperwork. It was reassuring to know there were others going through the same process.
The other main benefit was the support from the supervisors. All the supervisors I met had a genuine interest in training provisional psychologists and approached supervision with professionalism and openness. Looking back now, I really appreciate all the supervisors hard work! The supervisors provided practical advice which has continued to be very valuable for me at work.
Katherine Keane, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist
I chose to undertake my registration through the College of Professional Psychology first and foremost due to the lower cost. I don’t know how they do it – good on you COPP! Secondly, it was very obvious that the registration process was to be very confusing and frustratingly intensive i.e. I needed the support that the College was offering and they supported me very well!

Through my experience at the College, I was matched perfectly with two primary supervisors. They were very experienced and a delight to deal with and very respectful of the pressures that the ‘new registration’ process was to be for me. Along with my supervisors, all the other staff and Professional Development instructors were of a very high standard. I don’t think I would have been able to complete registration without the College’s excellent structured program.

Chris Berrie, College of Professional Psychology Graduate, 
Registered Psychologist